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How To Join the Hidden Brotherhood

Thank you for your interest in the Hidden Brotherhood

We receive so many emails that we are at present unable to respond to each one individually.

If you would like to join us, we are no longer charging an Initiation Fee.  Simply send your first month's dues of $65 (due the first of every month).

You just begin by sending your first month's dues and we begin your training. There are no ritual initiations. We teach you how to become wealthy and successful and provide training, resources and contacts.

That's all. Very simple and direct. We want to make it easy for anyone no matter how poor they are or what level of education they have. That's what true brotherhood is about.

PLEASE NOTE: This is the discounted fee for US dollar bills, CASH ONLY.  If you cannot send cash, then you must send $75 in a money order or international money order payable in US funds.  If you do not send cash, please allow an extra 4 weeks for the funds to clear the bank.  

Send to:

The Society
P.O. Box 7213
Louisville, Kentucky 40257 USA

Be sure to address your letter exactly as above or it will be returned to you unopened. Do not address it to "Hidden Brotherhood."  

DO NOT send any mail requiring a signature as it will be returned to you unopened.

Since full Membership is by invitation only, we will extend a tentative invitation to you to join as a probationary Member to give us time to get to know you and for you to be able to test and prove the Brotherhood for yourself. We will get you started right away towards increasing your income, so that in a short time it should more than cover your dues.

We are a brotherhood and we all share equally in paying our dues.  The monthly dues work out to $15 a week, an amount that anyone can afford.  If you are serious about this, then you need to show us by your commitment. Anyone with a "go-getter" attitude can raise $65 a month.  All members must pay dues.  If you really want success, you can do it. Believe you are capable of more than you think you can.

The only requirement that we demand is that you put the training to work in your life and increase your income by at least $65 a month, so that your membership pays for itself.  You have a maximum of one year to do this, although it may take you only a few weeks.  When you are able to achieve this goal, we will then move you to the next level with the goal of increasing your income to $1,000.00 a week.

Be sure to include your full name, mailing address and EMAIL ADDRESS.

Please allow 6-8 weeks for delivery as we sometimes run out of packages and must wait for them to be reprinted. Watch your mail carefully, as it will not bear our name in the return address.

We look forward to hearing from you.


The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.

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