This is a general email response to everyone who has written since the middle of April.  I apologize for not being able to answer each and everyone of you individually but somehow word has gotten out on the Internet and I have received thousands of emails, making it impossible to respond to everyone but the most serious.

Some of you will have already received part of this information and for that I apologize as we have never liked standard form replies.  Negotiations are being finalized and an invitation to join the Brotherhood will be sent out soon, beginning with those who have been on the waiting list the longest (2+ years). 

The Brotherhood will be stronger than ever, with new systems in place to meet a larger membership.  We will still stress quality over quantity but there is power in numbers.  The more members in a given area, the more opportunities for individual members.

Be sure to check the website for the latest news.

Here is the general information:

Thanks for your interest in Membership.  We're not accepting any new members right now because we're in negotiation to merge with another brotherhood and have to work out all the details.

We'll be making an announcement soon about accepting new members.  Keep checking back.  We'll either post the information on a new Blog page or send out a general email.

We'll only be accepting a limited number so if you're still interested, be sure to respond as soon as you make your decision.

The teaching is provided through both printed lessons and personal, one-to-one mentoring.

Every member is allowed to seek and find their own level.

Personally, it has given me the knowledge and the connections to create a better life for myself and those around me.  To live life deeper and more meaningfully.  To fully satisfy body, mind and soul.  I have been given so many opportunities and experienced things I never would have known except for the Brotherhood.  I wouldn't be where I am today without their help.

Right now, our mentor-teachers have as many people as they can properly instruct.  We're working at getting new systems in place.  We just don't want to have anyone join unless we're in a position to really help them and that requires personal attention.

We'll be sending out new material as soon as possible. 

The membership fees vary depending on how many members we have at the time.  They are not cheap but they are affordable.  And you can make small payments by the week rather than paying in advance, so you know it's not some scam.  You only continue paying if you are pleased with what you're getting.

Please stay in touch in case you don't hear from us.  And be sure to keep us updated with your current mailing address (street or P.O. box) in case we want to send you something by postal mail that's too confidential to send by email.