My apologies but I was a little premature in announcing that the reorganization was complete, in that our merger with another brotherhood fell through due to both parties being unable to come to an agreement.  I hope this situation was only temporary as negotiations have now resumed and we are still hoping for a larger and stronger brotherhood for the greater benefit of our Members.  Because of this limbo we have found ourselves in, I have been holding off sending out the information packages as I wanted everyone to get an updated package with all the new information.  If you have been waiting for some time, my apologies.  I tried to see that everyone received a letter letting them know that we hadn't forgotten about them but some were unfortunately overlooked in the confusion.  Do not worry, your name is still on the waiting list in the order received and I hope matters will be cleared up by the end of the year and we'll have the new updated package ready to be mailed.  Thanks for waiting, it will be well worth your while.