The Hidden Brotherhood is banded together as one great brotherhood in the quest for riches, romance, mystery, wisdom, treasure and adventure.  Like the Musketeers, our motto is One for All and All for One!  In times of need, you can call upon your brothers, because you know that you can count on them.

The Brotherhood operates through the principle of strength through unity.  It is a benevolent order that aids its Members, who receive special instruction and practical help on a more personal level than is common to most groups.


Hidden from the world,

Known only to each other,

In the struggle for life or death,

We are brothers to the bone.

The Hidden Brotherhood is not just another dull fraternity, civic association or social club; it is a true brotherhood devoted to mutual advancement.  It gives social, intellectual and material aid to its Members.

Through the help and strength of our Brotherhood, we join our efforts and work for each others' success and prosperity, helping one another and favoring those who are fellow Members of The Hidden Brotherhood.

Every Member of the Brotherhood enters into a concord that those who rise to success in life first will in turn share the bounty of their good fortune and help their fellow Members.


Joining together for strength, protection and mutual aid, Members of The Hidden Brotherhood help one another in every way possible.  We unite our forces to achieve fortune and success in every area of life, to enrich the Brotherhood and each other.


A true friend, the one with whom a man may safely associate, will always stick closely to the right way, will worry secretly about his friend's welfare, will console him in misfortune, will offer him a helping hand when he needs it, will keep his secrets, and will always give him good advice.

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