In the past these secret teachings were limited to only a few.  Because the Brotherhood adheres to a strict policy of one-on-one mentoring rather than a mass-produced correspondence course, we still accept only a very limited number of Members.

We now offer you the rare opportunity to study under the personal direction of the Brotherhood’s teachers. Let them guide you upon the path of life.  The teachings are often surprisingly simple and take only a short time, but they have a life transforming effect.

The Hidden Brotherhood’s teachers have spent years with arcane books and seeking the hidden springs of secret knowledge and mystical wisdom, extracting and distilling the true secrets of success and happiness into words that are as simple as the truths they proclaim.

The teachings are easily put into practice and produce real and satisfying results.

Can you follow a few simple steps to obtain the object of your dreams?  Would you like to double or triple your present income?  Make a thousand dollars a week? Become a millionaire in two years or less?  Do you want to find true love and romance?  Meet new and interesting friends?  Be loved and admired by others?

Do you desire radiant health and vibrant living?  Do you know that you can add years to your life, no matter what your present age?  That many who have learned these secrets have lived comfortably to 100 years and beyond?  (We name them and give details of their lives).  That you can easily look and feel 20, 30 or more years younger than your age?  That there really is a “Fountain of Youth” and its location is hidden in the human body, including yours?

These are just some of the subjects explored in the powerful secret lessons of The Hidden Brotherhood.


The wise man has received a good education; now it is his turn to encourage and guide others with his wisdom and sincerity, giving consideration and guidance to others.  Together they follow the way of Heaven.

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